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Passing Over of The FCI Flag: World Dog Show 2016 In Moscow

The World Dog Show 2015 speaks 67 different languages, but all the dog-lovers are united by the same language: the love of dogs. There are 340 recognized breeds that are exhibited on the rings of 6 pavilions of Fiera Milano (Rho), under the watchful eyes of 200 international judges.

The most awaited dog show in the world, organized by ENCI (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana), is very spectacular. Every day the Main Ring hosts shows of great visual impact, like Dog Dance, Frisbee Dog. There is also Flyball, a real sport that consists in a race between two teams composed by four dogs each. During this race, the first dog faces a succession of four jumps until getting a machine which launch a ball, through the pressure of the paws on the platform. The dog has to take again the four obstacles in the opposite direction and bring back the ball to the handler. When the first dog reaches the finish line, the second dog repeats the exercise in the same way.

The main sponsor of the event is Royal Canin. Every day it promotes technical-scientific conferences focused to train breeders and dog lovers. These events are located in the conference rooms LEM, in front of the Pavilion n. 11.

“I am very excited because today is an important date for ENCI”, says Mr Dino Muto, President of ENCI, “On 13th June, 1940 our organization obtained the Official Royal Recognition. Seventy-five-years of commitment to establish, protect and promote purebred dogs, an important work for the benefit of the dog and the improvement of the relationship between man and dog man”.

The press conference of today announces the passing over of the FCI flag to Russian Kennel Federation, that will host the World Dog Show in Moscow in 2016 for the first time.

One of the biggest surprises of this Show is the presentation of an ancient breed called The Dog of Fonni, that has always been used by shepherds to protect and guard sheep and properties. The name originates from the homonymous Sardinian city located in the mountains at 1.000 meters above sea level. The Dog of Fonni will be presented tomorrow afternoon in the Main Ring.

All updates from the ring, subdivided by breed and class, will be published in real time on the official website


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