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Westminster Kennel Club Toy Best of Breed List – Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Westminster Kennel Club – Toy Best of Breed List
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Tarrytown, New York

***Check back throughout the day as we update the Best of Breed list!***


Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCHG Point Dexter V. Tani Kazari
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHB Donnybrook’s Sunday
Select Dog: GCHG Tamarin Tattoo
Select Bitch: GCH Donnybrook’s Cirque Du Soleil
1st Award of Merit: CH Yarrow Hi-Tech You Know The Drill

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Biewer Terriers

Judge:  Mrs. Cindy Vogels
Best of Breed: GCHS Windsong’s Somethin’ To Talk About
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Strudl Haus’ Fabulous Hudson Hornet
Select Dog: GCH Irish Jazzm Monplezir
Select Bitch: GCH Karma’s Jazzy Von Fritz
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Success Heady Snow Avalanche
2nd Award of Merit: GCH Show Kurazh Yuna DCAT CGC TKN ATT

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Brussels Griffon

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCHS Belleterre Walkin After Midnight
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHS Seagryphs Oh Shucks
Select Dog: GCHG Bobcat A Nickel For A Kiss

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Judge:  Mr. Albert Easdon
Best of Breed: GCHS Chocoletto Du Chateau Noblesse
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Orchard Hill Pretty Close
Select Dog: CH Orchard Hill Authentic
Select Bitch: GCHS Matlyne Tickle Me Pink
1st Award of Merit: GCH Chadwick Pursuit Of Perfection
2nd Award of Merit: GCHB Ellemich Secreteriat
3rd Award of Merit: GCHB Tomnee’Sgolden Sky
4th Award of Merit: GCH Chadwick Bugatti at Hudsonview

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Long Coat Chihuahua

Judge:  Mrs. Angela Pickett
Best of Breed: GCHG Bramver’s Orohime
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHS One Love Hashtag Not Vanilla
Select Dog: GCH Timeless Now You See Me
Select Bitch: GCHP Timeless Stella By Starlight At Aero
1st Award of Merit: GCHB Bright Lights Rich Cousin
2nd Award of Merit: GCHB Guichon’s Woke Up Feeling Dangerous

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Smooth Coat Chihuahua

Judge:  Mrs. Angela Pickett
Best of Breed: GCHG Knockout Pretty Little Liar
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHB Sailor S Lipetskih Ozer
Select Dog: GCHS Guichon’s Having A Riot
Select Bitch: CH Jubilee Urban Pride Its All About Me
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Destiny’s Drink Till She’s Pretty
2nd Award of Merit: GCHS Who’s Love Was Outcast – S

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Chinese Crested

Judge:  Mr. Edd E. Bivin
Best of Breed: GCHB Dasha’s Gay For The Stay
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHS Regal Redwood’s Just A Little Pixie Dust
Select Dog: GCHB Solino’s Take Me Out
Select Bitch: Ry Little Horse Queen’s Bazooka
1st Award of Merit: CH Gingery Ebony
2nd Award of Merit: GCHP Fenomeno Elettrificato N ‘ Co CA
3rd Award of Merit: GCHS Sekhara Let’s Get Ready To Royal

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Blenheim & Prince Charles English Toy Spaniel

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCHB Ringo Star Ot Nevskogo Hobbita
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Coelura’s Peridot And Pearls
Select Dog: GCH Clussexx The Great Houdini From Flivverway

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King Charles & Ruby English Toy Spaniel

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCH Sirius’ Darkest Hour
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Three D Eva The Diva At Ashton Winmar
Select Dog: GCHB Coelura’s Rockefeller
Select Bitch: GCH Enchanting Cottage Why Not Take A Chance @ Accio! CGC TKI

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Judge:  Mr. Edd E. Bivin
Best of Breed: GCHG Kolmar’s & Los Feliz The Man Of Steel
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHS Fuzzy Farm You Can’T Handle The Truth
Select Dog: GCHS Wynmark’s Les Bijoux’s Rock’N Rolz At Reverie
Select Bitch: CH Marcosa’s Essential Travel
1st Award of Merit: GCH Meadowview N Angelhearts Adorabull Field Of Dreams
2nd Award of Merit: GCHP Angelheart N Adorabull’s Moose On The Loose
3rd Award of Merit: GCHB Shatara’s Leaving You Spellbound

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Italian Greyhound

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCH DC Jaros Ferazi Miso Pho King Hot At Divine SC TKN
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHB Regallust Miami Vice Of Infiniti
Select Dog: GCHS Regallust Dreams Of The Great Oz
Select Bitch: GCHS Sunjata’s Once Bitten
1st Award of Merit: GCH Tebo Raindance Take A Bow
2nd Award of Merit: GCHS Tuncap’s Credit
3rd Award of Merit: GCHB Alura Boccalupo Good Vibes CA BCAT

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Japanese Chin

Judge:  Mrs. Angela Pickett
Best of Breed: GCHB Touches Judgement Call
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHS Touche’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Select Dog: GCH Two Oaks Southern Comfort At Sonsets
Select Bitch: GCH Dizzy Little Girl With Big Ideas For Ging’S
1st Award of Merit: GCHB Touche’s Truth Be Told
2nd Award of Merit: GCHS Lotus’s Wreck It Ralph Breaks The Chinternet

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Judge:  Mr. Edd E. Bivin
Best of Breed: GCHB Ta-Jon’s Walk Of Fame
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Chaca’s Richie Love At Diamond Stars
Select Dog: GCHG Seabreeze That One Particular Harbor
Select Bitch: GCH Northwinds Farm’s Suga-Coated Starlet
1st Award of Merit: GCH Senoj’s Royale’s Bently RN CGC

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Toy Manchester Terrier

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCH Cottage Lake’s A Touch Of Class
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHG Rustic Lane Not My Planet From Fwaggle @ Absolut
Select Dog: GCHS Passport Sunkissed It’s A Yes From Me Bonchien
Select Bitch: GCHB Doubletree Touchstone Hot Toddy
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Bentley Leslie Rodriguez
2nd Award of Merit: GCH Maximal’s Call Sign Ivy TKN

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Miniature Pinscher

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCHS Kimro’s Adele Astaire
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHG Winters-Eagle Ring Of Fire
Select Dog: GCHS Toykeeper’s Captain America
Select Bitch: GCHG Marlex Classy Finale
1st Award of Merit: GCH Charkara Sadie In Red @ Sabrie

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Judge:  Mrs. Angela Pickett
Best of Breed: GCHS Bloom An Glow In The Dark TKN
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHG Wingssong This Could Be Love
Select Dog: GCHP Valifyre Freespirit Icy Sparks
Select Bitch: GCHS Anabelle Beautiful
1st Award of Merit: GCHG Fenice Boo-Dah In The Starz
2nd Award of Merit: CH Renaissance R&R Mission Control
3rd Award of Merit:  GCHB Desiree Incredible Miss Dior

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Judge:  Mr. Albert Easdon
Best of Breed: CH Lionking Blaze Of Glory
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Pequest Bella Rose
Select Dog: GCHS Avalon & Snopekes Happy Days
Select Bitch: GCH Val’s Tsvetov Annabelle
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Lion Dance Hey Jude
2nd Award of Merit: GCH Tao Bruce Lee Said Be The Water Jia

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Judge:  Mr. Albert Easdon
Best of Breed: GCHB KimmiLove Look At Me Now
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Mountain Crest Lana Turner
Select Dog: Lusty Pom’s Thunder Stroke
Select Bitch: CH Ragdoll’s Keeping The Magic
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Jan-Shars Piece Of The Puzzle
2nd Award of Merit: CH Artistry’s Dreams Come True In Paradise House
3rd Award of Merit: GCH Noble’s A Star Is Born

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Toy Poodle

Judge:  Mr. Shawn James Nichols
Best of Breed: GCHS Saratoga’s Savvy Shopper
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Rfs It Is Rocket Science
Select Dog: GCH Hoku Winter Is Coming
Select Bitch: CH Oaktown Watch Yourself
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Custom’s Lovely Kiss

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Judge:  Mr. Albert Easdon
Best of Breed: GCH Chelsea’s Fantasy Color My World
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Pinnacle N Felzar’s Notti Biscotti For Sandlot CGC TKN
Select Dog: GCHB Riversong’s Rockin’ At The Ritz
Select Bitch: GCHG Andi Abracadabra
1st Award of Merit: GCHP Casa Blanca’s The Fighting Irish
2nd Award of Merit: GCHB Winsome-Nirvana’s Achy Breaky Heart
3rd Award of Merit: GCH Pocos Bre-Z Lil’ Yellow Jacket @ Everlea Road
4th Award of Merit: CH Felzar’s Take To The Night Skye
5th Award of Merit: GCH Tlc Sweet Home Alabama

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Russian Toys

Judge:  Mr. Edd E. Bivin
Best of Breed: CH Snou Mirekl Din Din
Best of Opposite Sex: CH Show Vista Black Jack At Veevee CM2
Select Dog: CH Solnechy Krug Harry Potter CM3 BCAT CGC

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Shih Tzu

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCHB Hallmark Jolei Out Of This World
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Blue Hills’ Eternally Yours At Ohmy
Select Dog: GCHS Jolisse Duciel Sweet Kisses Mondoshawan At Calee
1st Award of Merit: GCHB Marja-Tu Chu Singular Sensation

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Silky Terrier

Judge:  Mrs. Angela Pickett
Best of Breed: CH Quest Y-Knot Moonlight Reflection@Orchid
Best of Opposite Sex: GCHP Lamplighter’s Tattle Tail
Select Dog: GCHB Dorien Blue Norther

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Toy Fox Terrier

Judge:  Mr. James J. Mitchell
Best of Breed: GCH Starfox Queen Of Hearts
Best of Opposite Sex: GCH Valdon’s Triple Bravo
Select Dog: GCH Dar-Rich All Star ETS Endell Be All
Select Bitch: CH Barbary Make It Magic
1st Award of Merit: GCHS Fritzfox Que Sera, Sera
2nd Award of Merit:
3rd Award of Merit:

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Yorkshire Terrier

Judge:  Mrs. Angela Pickett
Best of Breed: GCHS Midyear Flying On A Sugar High
Best of Opposite Sex: CH My Precious Jp Gorgeous
Select Dog: GCHG Palmridge’s Signature In Blue
Select Bitch: CH Brookview’s Hometown Yubilee
1st Award of Merit: CH Mini Shop Braveheart
2nd Award of Merit: GCH My Simuran Ti Si

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