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The Biggest Dog Show in the World – 2017 World Dog Show in Leipzig, Germany

20,000 dogs to come to the World Dog Show It will be the biggest dog show of the year. And a top-class international competition – entrants to the World Dog Show 2017 will be travelling from over 60 countries to Leipzig. Over 20,000 pedigree dogs are expected on the exhibition grounds “Leipziger Messe” from 8–12 November. Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V. (VDH, the German Kennel Club) is proud to present this spectacular highlight of the annual canine calendar.

This event is going to be huge. The sheer scale of the show is jaw-dropping: over 20,000 pedigree dogs will be coming to the World Dog Show. The show will also see intense competition in several exciting dog sports: the Dog Dancing World Championships, the German Agility Championships, the European Dog Diving Championships and the final of the Junior Handling World Championships. But that’s not all: since the German Winner Show and numerous specialist breed shows will be taking place alongside the World Dog Show, dog owners have the chance to gain coveted titles at three separate events. The parallel programme of fringe events running all day in the arena with seating for 1700 people promises to provide high-class entertainment and gripping scenes in the finals of various major competitions. Visitors to the World Dog Show can also enjoy culinary treats and a shopping paradise with over 200 international specialist exhibitors in the modern exhibition centre “Leipziger Messe”.

A huge honour – a logistical challenge
This will be a big event – that much is assured. And doubtlessly also a major challenge for the organizers. What is going through their minds now, just a few short months before it all kicks off? Especially since they have had only 16 months rather than the usual four years to prepare? “It is a huge honour for VDH to be allowed to put on the biggest annual show that takes place under the auspices of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)” says VDH-President Professor Dr. Peter Friedrich. Logistically, it is a major challenge, of course. Several juggernauts will be required to bring material like mats and show ring equipment from Dortmund to Leipzig”, VDH Chief Executive Leif Kopernik remarks. And considerable manpower will also be required: show personnel for over 70 judging rings every day, the organization team, and stewards. “An event on this scale can only take place with the help of a large number of volunteers. These come from our member clubs, and we have also set up a website to enable volunteers who are interested to get in touch with us”, Kopernik adds. Finding accommodation for entrants is an additional challenge. Through close cooperation with the exhibition centre “Leipziger Messe” it is possible to book hotel rooms or one of 1800 camping pitches on or close to the exhibition grounds.

Dogs from all over the world
With over 20,000 dogs belonging to 280 different breeds coming to the World Dog Show and the German Winner Show, WDS will be the biggest show of the year. VDH expects people from over 60 countries to come to show their dogs. Kopernik is looking forward to celebrating a “major international festival we are inviting dog lovers everywhere to.” There will be no judges’ reports because of the high numbers of dogs. Instead, people showing dogs can look forward to a technological innovation on German shows: all form ratings and challenge certificates will be recorded using tablets and will be available through the online results service right after the dogs have been judged. Realtime video streaming from the ring of honour will also bring large audiences breathtakingly close to fascinating show moments.

Feel the thrill of competition – and have a go
But there will be unforgettable moments in other locations, too. In the dog diving pool, for example: in this new trend sport from the USA, dogs leap into water and the winning dog is the one that leaps the furthest. At the European Championships, visitors to the WDS can give this sport a whirl with their dogs and can even take an underwater photo home as a memento.
The up-and-coming talents taking part in the Junior Handling competitions every day will also need nerves of steel. They will, after all, be trying to qualify for the World Championship final taking place on Sunday.
On Thursday and Friday, the atmosphere at the Dog Dancing Championships will be lively. On Saturday, 220 dogs will be starting in the German Agility Championships, each hoping to place highly. They will be pleased to hear people cheering them on – and that goes for the International Agility Tournament taking place on Sunday, too.

Leipzig: The location with every amenity
There will be more than enough happening in Leipzig to do justice to the idea behind the World Dog Show. And the Leipzig exhibition centre will provide the perfect backdrop for the event, which was originally scheduled to take place in Ecuador. “The earthquake there led to the show being awarded to Germany,” Kopernik explains. VDH, itself based in Dortmund, chose the location Leipzig because the exhibition grounds and halls there meet every requirement imposed by such a major event. “In Leipzig we have a large, modern exhibition centre with 80,000 square metres of space in the halls. This means we can set up generously dimensioned judging rings and that visitors and people showing dogs will be able to enjoy a comfortable and spacious venue,” the VDH chief executive comments. Apart from the show, he is also getting ready for the FCI General Assembly. This takes place biannually and is being organized in conjunction with WDS 2017. 160 delegates from all the member nations in the FCI will be travelling to Leipzig for this assembly which kicks off a week in Leipzig dominated by dogs from around the world. Kopernik is relaxed about this challenge, too: “Leipzig is steeped in cynological tradition, and we are all the more pleased that we can now host the biggest dog show in the world there – complete with all the trimmings.”

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