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Finding Inspiration Through The Devastation – Carol White-Moser’s First Hand Experience During The East Texas Tornadoes

Thank you to Carol White-Moser for sharing her experience during and regarding the devastating tornadoes in East Texas last week.

By Carol White-Moser

I want to thank everyone who checked in with me after the tornado that blasted through East Texas. Most were very concerned; I think some hoped secretly that I had ‘bought the farm’. The devastation resulting from F4 wind is stunning. A young man had just built a brand new Dodge truck place, fancy and fully stocked, ready to begin his life – there was not a piece of metal left that measured longer than two feet and a woman who took refuge there off of I-20 in her car was found dead in a creek behind the dealership.

My small town of Canton (pop 3500) has 11 dead, 49 injured and 5000 buildings destroyed or damaged. Have not seen FEMA, the Red Cross has been remarkably ill tempered, but the Salvation Army and the churches here have shown heroic efforts. Speaking of heroes, the hundreds of power trucks here from six states have been amazing. I had forgotten over the past few years how much of a country of competent, meet any situation, we are. I watched ten trucks completely reestablish a half mile line down a state highway in a half hour. Everything that had been before, trees, frences, houses, barns, had simply vanished.

Fortunately, not many animals seem to have been harmed. We had the Texas Task Force 2 Search and Rescue squadron here with their search and rescue dogs, but they were able to wrap up in two days. Two of our veterinarians lost their ranches, but within ten hours dozens of people were driving pickups in their pastures pulling stock trailers, and with their horses and herding dogs were rounding up all the livestock and taking them to safety. I am proud of my community and my church, and I remember now why I love my country so much.

May 2, 2017 – I just left my favorite Mexican restaurant. They just got power today and are serving a free buffet to all. The power guys are here stocking up on coffee and food and heading right back out. They are tired and dirty, but they are not quitting. Given a chance…people are good.

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