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Canine Chronicle Virtual Dog Show – You Be The Judge!

It is time to put your thinking caps on! For today’s Virtual Dog Show, we are asking our readers to be the judge and place the following three Smooth Fox Terrier males First, Second and Third AND to tell us why.

The complete AKC Official Standard for Smooth Fox Terriers is available online here. As quoted from the AKC Standard, the general appearance of the Smooth Fox Terrier is as follows:

General Appearance : The dog must present a generally gay, lively and active appearance; bone and strength in a small compass are essentials; but this must not be taken to mean that a Fox Terrier should be cloddy, or in any way coarse – speed and endurance must be looked to as well as power, and the symmetry of the Foxhound taken as a model. The Terrier, like the Hound, must on no account be leg gy, nor must he be too short in the leg. He should stand like a cleverly made hunter, covering a lot of ground, yet with a short back, as stated below. He will then attain the highest degree of propelling power, together with the greatest length of stride that is compatible with the length of his body. Weight is not a certain criterion of a Terrier’s fitness for his work – general shape, size and contour are the main points; and if a dog can gallop and stay, and follow his fox up a drain, it matters little wh at his weight is to a pound or so.N.B. Old scars or injuries, the result of work or accident, should not be allowed to prejudice a Terrier’s chance in the show ring, unless they interfere with its movement or with its utility for work or stud.

If you have 3 dog photos of your own you would like to share for this series or have any feedback – please email Cheslie at cheslie@caninechronicle.com. We look forward to your participation!

Dog A

Dog B

Dog C

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