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Animal “Rights” is About Abolition, Not Animal Cruelty, Says Responsible Pet Owners Alliance of Texas

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Press Release

Words can hurt you if you ignore these extremists!  They’ve been telling us their agenda to end all interaction with animals for years, but few believed them.

Animal “rights” groups profess to work for improved animal treatment while their ultimate goal is to abolish the following: 1) breeding and ownership of pets; 2) use of animals in biomedical research; 3) raising farm animals for food, clothing, by-products such as insulin; 4) use of animals in education and entertainment, including zoos, aquariums, circuses and rodeos; and 5) all forms of hunting (including field trial competition, trapping and fishing), according to Capital Research Center.

Gary Francione and Tom Regan, “A Movement’s Means Create Its Ends,” were quoted in Animals’ Agenda: “There are fundamental and profound differences between the philosophy of animal welfare and that of animal rights …  Thus welfare reforms, by their very nature, can only serve to retard the pace at which animal rights goals are achieved.”

There is a cult-like following among national animal “rights” organizations, such as Humane Society of US, ASPCA, PETA, Animal Legal Defense Fund and state affiliated groups, but most followers are unaware of the true radical agenda they support vocally and financially.

The zealots are in in our legislative halls at all levels of government and manipulate a gullible media to promote their legislative campaigns.  There are more pet owners in the country than these extremists so elected officials would be wise to consider this before promoting their anti-pet proposals.  Vegans constitute less than 2% of the population.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has told us for years that no more pet breeding should be allowed so the cat and dog surplus would decline and “eventually companion animals would be phased out and we could return to a more symbiotic relationship – enjoyment at a distance.”

Animal Rights Extremists believe that any use of an animal is “exploitation,” including pet ownership which they compare to slavery. Steve Wise, with “The Nonhuman Rights Project,” has sought “personhood” for animals in our court system for years, removing animals from property status beginning with the apes and then all animals eventually.  The consequences would be disastrous if Wise succeeds.  Animals could be assigned a legal court “guardian” and owners won’t “own” their animals anymore.  It would end all use of animals for any reason in one fell swoop!

In 1993, the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Agriculture examined the phenomenon of animal rights extremism in the United States and reported:  “Many advocates of animal rights oppose all ways in which animals are confined and utilized by humans, whether it be for food, clothing, servitude, or household pets.  All extremist animal rights groups are believed to be associated with each other by leadership, membership, or both.”


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