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South County Kennel Club, Inc. – Saturday, April 30, 2022

Matese_Ta-Jons Walk Of Fame

Show Name: South County Kennel Club, Inc. Location: Richmond, RI Show Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022 Total Entry: 525 Best In Show Judge: Mr. Benson E. Ray Show Photographer(s): Standard Image – Fritz Clark • Website: Dog Reg: CH Ta-Jons Walk Of Fame [Bitch] Breed: Maltese Handler: Tim Lehman Owner: D Hunter & T [...]

April 30th, 2022 | Posted in All Breed Show Results | Read More »

The Ring Cycle: Morris & Essex Returns In Style

F The Ring Cycle

I have sometimes likened Westminster to Brigadoon—the imaginary Scottish village celebrated in the Lerner & Loewe 1950s musical. It’s a charmed moment of canine ephemera that appears magically (and with a hell of a lot of hard work) once a year.

February 12th, 2022 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Father’s Day Farm Dog Adventure

F Fathers Day Farm Dog

To honor the memory of my Dad, Sam Lampert, who was a New Jersey dairy farmer, Bolt, my 6-year-old, parti-color Cocker Spaniel GCH. Topaz Palm Beach Playboy CD BN RM CGCA TKE, and I attempted the AKC Farm Dog Certified Title (FDC) on Father’s Day weekend run by Burlington County Kennel Club at Ev-Ry Farm in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

August 19th, 2021 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Dog Showing with Mid-20th Century Style


I recently inherited hundreds of classic and antique dog books – from breed books to instructional manuals and illustrated references.

June 17th, 2020 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

The Encyclopedic Dog Lover – Will Judy


Dog fanciers, travel back in time with me to the 1930s – that wacky decade of ups and downs – beginning with America’s Great Depression and ending with America’s entry into World War II.

January 8th, 2018 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

The Glorious Art of the Coursing Greyhound


Throughout the ages, due to its inherent elegance, grace and beauty, the Greyhound has been depicted in prized art and decor from paintings and porcelain sculptures to bronzes, ivory whistles and even carved heads on walking sticks.

May 22nd, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

The Perfect Dog – The Cocker Spaniel


Most of us what breed we have – whether at a “Meet the Breeds” event, on a walk, therapy visit, or at a dog show – Cockers aren’t always easily recognized.

April 21st, 2017 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Mr. Trevor & His Black Curly Coated French Poodles


Poodle fanciers, rejoice! We are invited to visit Mr. H.G. Trevor’s Southampton, Long Island seaside mansion and kennels. Mr. T.T. Corrigan, Meadowmere Kennels Manager, resides in a pretty cottage in front of the kennel, about a quarter of a mile from Mr. Trevor’s mansion,

December 5th, 2016 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Ladies’ Dogs as Companions? Toys, of course!


If I were creating a list of dog breeds one might consider to be “ladies” dogs – or more popular with women, great with kids and families – surprisingly quite a few breeds on my list today would be the same ones appearing in Dr. William Gordon-Stables’ 1879 classic Ladies’ Dogs as Companions: A Chatty Pleasant Book with Many Stories Humorous & Pathetic Painted From Life.

September 27th, 2016 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »

Captain Lucas and His Ilmer Sealyhams


I’ve had a secret love affair with the Sealyham Terrier for a very long time. And, recently, a nearly 100 year old, very rarely seen book filled with adventurous hunts through dreamy countrysides filled with elegant participants from early 20th Century

August 26th, 2016 | Posted in Current Articles,Featured | Read More »


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