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Cahaba Valley KC – Sunday, April 21, 2024

Show Name: Cahaba Valley KC
Location: Montgomery, AL
Show Date: Sunday, April 21, 2024
Total Entry: 513
Best In Show Judge: Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones
Show Photographer(s):
Luis Sosa • Website:

Dog Reg: GCHB Pinnacle Garden Party [Bitch]
Breed: Whippet
Handler: Justin Smithey
Owner: N Shaw & J & C Smithey
Breeder: J & C Smithey

Reserve Dog Reg: GCH Southdown Pay No Mind [Dog]
Reserve Breed: English Toy Spaniel Bl & PC
Reserve Handler: Michael Pitts
Reserve Owner: B Van Deman
Breeder: B Van Deman

Sporting Judge’s Name: Harry H Butch Schulman

Total Entry: 91
Dog Reg: GCHS Next Generations This Is My Land [Bitch]
Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)
Handler: Kellie Williams
Owner: A Levy & D Kipp
Breeder: M Broton-Anderson & A Levy
Dog Reg: GCH Clussexx Crowned King [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (Clumber)
Handler: Ginny Kincer
Owner: A Sedberry & S Spradlin
Breeder: D Johnson & J Hubbard
Dog Reg: GCH Maximus Golden Trip Lord Of The Manor [Dog]
Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Handler: Ginny Kincer
Owner: T & R Becraft & A Lima
Breeder: A Lima & M Nishikawa
Dog Reg: CH Ripsnorters Heavenly Body [Bitch]
Breed: Pointer (German Wirehaired)
Owner: H & L George
Breeder: H & L George

Hound Judge’s Name: Mr. Richard D. Albee

Total Entry: 85
Dog Reg: GCHB Pinnacle Garden Party [Bitch]
Breed: Whippet
Handler: Justin Smithey
Owner: N Shaw & J & C Smithey
Breeder: J & C Smithey
Dog Reg: CH Sidearm Easy Money 3 [Dog]
Breed: Redbone Coonhound
Handler: Lori Mills
Owner: L, J & T Mills
Breeder: L, J & T Mills & TJ Daniels
Dog Reg: GCHB Nirvana Itapuca [Bitch]
Breed: Basenji
Handler: Milton Lopes
Owner: C Morales Reyes & S Steele
Dog Reg: GCHB DC Baha Bahrain Storm SC [Dog]
Breed: Saluki
Handler: Caroline Coile
Owner: C Perrotta & C Coile
Breeder: B Cummings, J Lambert & C Coile

Working Judge’s Name: Mr. Robert E. Hutton

Total Entry: 61
Dog Reg: GCHB Bar-Ks Love As It Was [Dog]
Breed: Boxer
Handler: Rick Justice
Owner: M Graves II & P Koenig
Breeder: P Koenig
Dog Reg: GCHB Kaloras Drop A Bombshell Baby [Dog]
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Owner: M Klein, S Cullinan & E Corr
Breeder: E & A Corr
Dog Reg: GCHB Elles Red Sky at Night RN [Dog]
Breed: Great Dane
Handler: Earl Shore
Owner: G Kostiuk, L Hotchkiss & E Shore
Dog Reg: GCHG Allegiance How To Get Away With Murder For Lawless BCAT CGCA TKN ATT [Bitch]
Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Handler: Candice Duclos
Owner: C & J Duclos
Breeder: E & R Muschek & A Lane

Terrier Judge’s Name: Mr. Robert E. Hutton

Total Entry: 30
Dog Reg: GCHG Pinnacle Broxden Lickety Split [Dog]
Breed: Smooth Fox Terrier
Handler: Madeline Peterson
Owner: B Hainline, P Jiang, J Ovalle, D Gallagher, L Tyler & A Comer
Breeder: S & A Evans
Dog Reg: GCHS Temora Reason Gone Mad [Dog]
Breed: Australian Terrier
Handler: Kellie Williams
Owner: J Sousa, V McKee & J Johnson
Breeder: J Seaton, J Sousa, V McKee & J Johnson
Dog Reg: GCH Axciums Masterpiece [Dog]
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Handler: Donna Hills
Owner: H Haakensen
Breeder: H Haakensen
Dog Reg: GCHS Roschel Foxrun Thistle Do [Dog]
Breed: Border Terrier
Handler: Jose Miguel Sanchez
Owner: E Burdon & C Lubinsky
Breeder: J Holder & R Shoreman

Toy Judge’s Name: Mr. Richard D. Albee

Total Entry: 99
Dog Reg: GCH Southdown Pay No Mind [Dog]
Breed: English Toy Spaniel Bl & PC
Handler: Michael Pitts
Owner: B Van Deman
Breeder: B Van Deman
Dog Reg: GCHS Marlex Miss Marvel [Bitch]
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Handler: Armando Angelbello
Owner: A Angelbello
Breeder: A Angelbello, T Newman & B Farrell
Dog Reg: GCHB Forestcreek Just Right [Dog]
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Handler: Linda Pitts
Owner: Dr. K Cline & J Marshall
Breeder: Dr. K Cline
Dog Reg: GCH Kolmars Parti All The Time [Bitch]
Breed: Havanese
Handler: Harry Bennett
Owner: M Kolbe
Breeder: M Kolbe

Non-Sporting Judge’s Name: Ms. Debra Thornton

Total Entry: 84
Dog Reg: GCH Giannas My Way [Bitch]
Breed: Boston Terrier
Handler: Alyssa Beutler
Owner: T & S Stokes
Breeder: T & S Stokes
Dog Reg: GCH Fortuna Paxx A Punch [Dog]
Breed: Dalmatian
Handler: Milton Lopes
Owner: T Carson & J Lopes
Breeder: J & M Lopes
Dog Reg: CH Bams Samsted Peaches & Cream Jubilee [Bitch]
Breed: Bulldog
Owner: M Erb & S Steding
Breeder: T Reep
Dog Reg: GCH Asias Smooth Talker By Blackwitch [Dog]
Breed: Chinese Shar-Pei
Owner: L Myers, S Kracalik & D Beagle
Breeder: L Myers & D Beagle

Herding Judge’s Name: Ms. Karen J. Hynek

Total Entry: 63
Dog Reg: GCHS Elite Paramount Crime Spree [Bitch]
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Handler: Megan Hof
Owner: V & K Yarber & M Jackson
Breeder: J Bayes & V Yarber
Dog Reg: CH Blue Denims Starry Sapphire Night BCAT [Dog]
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Owner: S Bryant
Breeder: S Bryant
Dog Reg: GCHS Kidds Sometimes It Be Like That [Dog]
Breed: Miniature American Shepherd
Handler: Billy Huntington
Owner: R Kidd
Breeder: R Kidd
Dog Reg: Canucks April Showers [Bitch]
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Owner: D & J Cox

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