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Table Talk · July 28, 2021

The 2021 Houston Cluster and the Oklahoma/Texas trek has come to an end. Congratulations to all who made it through another grueling march unscathed! I was happy I was able to spend the last stop with many of you. The Houston World Series of Dog Shows has always been one of my favorite clusters. While it looked a bit different this year, it still felt like Houston. Tom and Nancy Pincus, Amiko Allen, and all of the cluster volunteers did a great job once again! Thanks to everyone whose hard work and perseverance made this cluster happen.

I was happy to see Clint Livingston back at it, and David Harper did not miss a beat after his scare. Please remember this my friends: Showing dogs is a marathon, not a sprint! Take care of yourselves!

COVID protocol necessitated a couple of changes to our regular operating procedures. As we go back to normal, some fanciers are realizing that some of those changes were good; and they would be happy if the protocols remained in place as we get back to normal. One of the changes that many liked was the separate entrance and exits for rings. Some judges are not as excited about that idea, as it may require extra walking. I think everyone will agree with me that being on one’s feet while judging 175 dogs can be just as difficult as running left-handed circles all day! I know a few clubs are trying to come up with a happy medium, so if you continue to see separate entrance and exits at some shows, don’t be surprised.

Another change during COVID was the way win photographs were taken. Due to social distancing requirements, judges were photographed in the morning and photographers inserted their photo into the exhibitor’s win photo. This photo editing is more work for photographers, and in most cases, they were charging a $15-$25 editing fee. As we return to normal, there are some shows where the photographer will still “shoot” the judges in the morning to use in case the judge is unavailable for photos later in the day. There have been some cases where the judge is present and available, but since their photo is on file, they prefer not to stand for individual photos. Some exhibitors have been disappointed by this practice and would rather not to pay an additional editing fee if it can be avoided and the judge is on site and available for a win photo.

The American Spaniel Club held their specialty at Purina Farms recently. Their theme this year was education, and the experts supported this theme with hands-on education such as bathing, drying, etc. Job well done, fanciers! Education is key in keeping newer exhibitors interested and involved in our sport.

Congratulations to Vicki Seiler-Cushman on the opening of the Donut Eatery Glazed in Xenia, Ohio! The lines have been out the door and down the street! If you attend any shows at the Roberts Center, the Donut Shop is only about 15 minutes away, and if you drive through the area, you should definitely stop in for a sweet treat!

Congratulations to Red and Denise Tatro, who recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary you two! Here’s hoping you have a less eventful year ahead!

Fanciers celebrating birthdays this week include: Dan Buchwald, Carlena Pulliam, Pam Desrosiers, Connie Smith, JoAnne Gerow, Jenny Listug, Terri Giannetti, Stuart McGraw, Kyle Robinson, Dennis O’Connor, and Shaun Garrity.

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in this past week’s Table Talk Live! Those of you who have not had an opportunity to see our coverage can view chats with winners, judges’ opinions regarding the recent judging operations email, and other fun clips on the Canine Chronicle Facebook page or on Canine Chronicle TV.

I look forward to our next Table Talk Live! coverage and always encourage folks to contact me with ideas for next time. In addition, if you have an opinion, view, or issue you think fellow fanciers would find interesting, please reach out to me at

My thought for this week is: No matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around!!!!!

Be safe out there my friends! It is HOT!!! out there. Extra precautions should be taken to ensure human and canine safety. Don’t forget to lend a hand when you can and thank those hard-working volunteers! Until next time…


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