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Crufts Complete Utility Best of Breed List – Saturday, March 10, 2018

Akita – Judge Mrs. S O’Neill Clark

Best of Breed: Ch. Stecal’s Love at First Sight JW


Boston Terrier – Judge Mr. K Sinclair

Best of Breed: Ch. Yakee Glitz N Glamour


Bulldog – Judge Mr. D Killilea

Best of Breed: Ch. Sealaville He’s Tyler


Canaan Dog – Judge Mr. H Lightfoot

Best of Breed: Ch Chancos Kavah


Chow Chow – Judge Miss A Robinson

Best of Breed: Ch. Heart Mind Fire Dei Leoni Imperiali


Dalmatian – Judge Mrs. S A Neath Duggan

Best of Breed: U Spot Me Iz Terletskoy Dubravy


Eurasier – Judge Mrs. H Fitzgibbon

Best of Breed: Frionariz Odin Duke Kronas Des Moongazie


French Bulldog – Judge Miss M A E Persson

Best of Breed: A’Vigdors Zana-Zan


German Spitz (Klein) – Mrs. S L Jakeman

Best of Breed: Ch. Longdale’s Jen You Win JW SHCM


German Spitz (Mittel) – Judge Mrs. S L Jakeman

Best of Breed: Ch. Lotus A Little Grey Cloud


Japanese Akita Inu – Judge Mr. S Rann

Best of Breed: Nosferatu’s No Uchimura Go


Japanese Shib Inu – Judge Mr. J Horswell

Best of Breed: Lekkou Makes People Talk About Ew


Keeshond – Judge Mr. Oldham

Best of Breed: Ch. Nerdmik All About The Boy For Watches JW


Kooikerhondje – Judge Mr. P Hayes

Best of Breed: Time For Any Vom Tespelkooi


Lhasa Apso – Mr. J Scarll

Best of Breed – Ch. Sandauri Showstopper For Kutani


Miniature Schnauzer – Judge Mrs P Power

Best of Breed: Ch. Sweetschnauzers Gladiator


Miniature Poodle – Judge Ms. M Rodgers

Best of Breed: Ch. Minarets Best Kept Secret


Standard Poodle – Judge Mrs. B Cherry

Best of Breed: Ch. Dawin Steal My Heart


Toy Poodle – Judge Mrs. E Holmes-Leak

Best of Breed: Afterglow Aloysius


Schipperke – Judge Mr. F Kane

Best of Breed: Ch. Aradet Xtra Addition


Shar Pei – Judge Mr. B Bull

Best of Breed: Ch. Meixiu Keeps Out of Mischief


Shih Tzu – Judge Mr. N Stevens

Best of Breed: Ch. Weatsom Margarets Legacy For Quingshui JW SHCM


Tibetan Spaniel – Judge Mrs. J Reynolds

Best of Breed: Ch. Torfness Scarlet Phancy


Tibetan Terrier – Judge Miss S Bird

Best of Breed: Ch. Tetsimi Moves Like Jagger

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