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Crufts Complete Terrier Best of Breed List – Friday, March 9, 2018

Airedale Terrier – Judge Mr. T Huxley

Best of Breed: Ch. Jokyl Gold Star JW


Australian Terrier – Judge Mr. M Phillips

Best of Breed: Swe Ch Jaskarin Girl On Fire


Border Terrier – Mr. C G Stafberg

Best of Breed: Ch. Brackenfell Bok To Bach


Bull Terrier – Mr. D A Clark

Best of Breed: Tawnbarr Starlight


Miniature Bull Terrier – Mr. D A Clark

Best of Breed: Future Star Vom Hause Wilke


Cairn Terrier – Judge Mrs. S S Kinton

Best of Breed:Ch. Hjohoo’s Love Looking at Hjo


Cesky Terrier – Judge Mrs. Tobijanski

Best of Breed: Ch. Zlataprahna Pandora at Dornick


Dandie Dinmont Terrier – Mr. P Keevil

Best of Breed: Borderstone Kingman For Lannia


Smooth Fox Terrier – Mr. C J Wiggins

Best of Breed: Absolutely Signature


Wire Fox Terrier – Mr. A Goodsell

Best of Breed: Ch. Nethertonion Chandalier


Glen of Imaal Terrier – Judge Mrs. F Kaye

Best of Breed: Boudivella Osca


Irish Terrier – Mr. D Munro

Best of Breed: Ch. Lakeridge Cahal


Jack Russell Terrier – Judge Mrs. J Wood

Best of Breed: Ch. Original Master Voice Lovesong RNB


Kerry Blue Terrier – Miss A Bradley

Best of Breed: Ch. Edbrios Exotica


Lakeland Terrier – Miss W Johnston

Best of Breed: Ch. Chelines In Excelsis


Manchester Terrier – Judge Mrs. P Gore

Best of Breed: Ch. Digelsa Declaration


Norfolk Terrier – Judge Mrs. D A Britten

Best of Breed: Kinsridge Witty Banter


Norwich Terrier – Judge Mr. T Mason

Best of Breed: Ch. Ragus Mr. OO’Seven


Parson Russell Terrier – Judge Mr. W Browne-Cole

Best of Breed: Zanira X-Spot Dixie


Scottish Terrier – Mrs. A Falconer

Best of Breed: Ch. McVan’s Big Bopper at Beameups


Sealyham Terrier – Judge Mr. W Irving

Best of Breed: Ch. Goodspice Dreams of USA at Blomandal


Skye Terrier – Miss Collins

Best of Breed: Ch. Brakemill Barnum


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – Mr. P E Bakewell

Best of Breed: Ch. Flaxela Weaver of Dreams JW SHCM


Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Judge Mr. P McGlynn & Mr. Stanway

Best of Breed: Ch. Crudha Nordic Star


Welsh Terrier – Mrs. C J Dorking

Best of Breed: Eskwyre Wyart Earp


West Highland White Terrier – Mrs. T Gaydon

Best of Breed: CH. White Villan King of Hearts


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