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Lorain County Kennel Club – Saturday, August 12, 2017


Show Name: Lorain County Kennel Club
Location: Oberlin, OH
Show Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017
Total Entry: 641
Best In Show Judge: Mrs. Inge Semenschin
Dog Reg: GCH Adesas Best In Snow [Dog]
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Owner: W Blewett, B Kinley-Blewett & D Sirabo
Breeder: William Blewett & Bobbi Kinley Blewett

Reserve Dog Reg: GCHG Ko Bos Prometeus [Dog]
Reserve Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Reserve Handler: Kathy Caton Musto
Reserve Owner: K & D Musto
Breeder: Viktor Koszoru

NOHS Judge: Mr. Rodney Merry
NOHS Dog Reg: GCH Elmdales Journey From Purston [Dog]
NOHS Breed: Wire Fox Terrier
NOHS Handler:
NOHS Owner: N Hittepole, R Cross & B Balata
Breeder: Barbara Balata & Nancy Hittepole

Sporting Judge’s Name: Ms. Sharon Derrick

Total Entry: 127
Dog Reg: GCH Splashs Scootin On The Waves [Dog]
Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Owner: E Zgrabik & J Ridilla
Breeder: Judy Ridilla & Elaina Zgrabik
Dog Reg: GCHS Carolinas Running With The Hare BN RN SH JHR [Dog]
Breed: Spaniel (American Water)
Handler: Lisa Bettis
Owner: L McCracken
Breeder: Lois McCracken
Dog Reg: GCH Summer Hill Bella B Magic [Bitch]
Breed: Setter (English)
Owner: J Fabelo
Breeder: J, B & B Fabelo
Dog Reg: GCH Nani Breica N Crosswinds Aloha [Dog]
Breed: Weimaraner
Handler: Derek Beatty
Owner: D Beatty, S Burns, C Grisell & J Doub
Breeder: Jessica Doub

Hound Judge’s Name: Ms. Rita Walker

Total Entry: 89
Dog Reg: GCHP Karasars Resurgence [Bitch]
Breed: Whippet
Handler: Kerrie Kuper
Owner: K Kuper, N Barthelette & K Mlynar
Breeder: Kerrie Kuper, Neil Barthelette, Karen Mlynar & Azalea & Manuel Alvarez
Dog Reg: GCH Woodland Wests Tidings Of Great Joy @ Givens [Dog]
Breed: Beagle 15 inch
Handler: Dave Slattum
Owner: D & M Givens & L Brownson
Breeder: Linda Clark & Kimberly Clark
Dog Reg: GCH Sausage Stables V Woldorf Margrete SS [Bitch]
Breed: Dachshund (Smoothhaired)
Handler: Kim Marie Haupt
Owner: R Becker
Breeder: Miki Perry & Steve Wolden
Dog Reg: GCH Luvakis Shirleys Legen-WaitForIt-Dary! Legendary! JC CGC TKN [Dog]
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Owner: T West-Holmes & P & E Holmes
Breeder: Teresa West-Holmes & Paul Holmes

Working Judge’s Name: Ms. Carol Brown

Total Entry: 131
Dog Reg: GCH Adesas Best In Snow [Dog]
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Owner: W Blewett, B Kinley-Blewett & D Sirabo
Breeder: William Blewett & Bobbi Kinley Blewett
Dog Reg: GCH Vonduras North By Northwest [Dog]
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Handler: Karen Fox
Owner: L McCammack
Breeder: R Dara Tracy, James Covert, Mary Dellorto & Karin Fox
Dog Reg: GCH Aspires Awakened One CGCA [Dog]
Breed: Bullmastiff
Handler: Webb Boyles
Owner: L Angheld & N Darrow
Breeder: Nance Darrow
Dog Reg: CH Sailors Call Me Blynken Crazy CGC [Dog]
Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Owner: R Burmeister, C Kello & P Jones
Breeder: Pamela & Thomas Jones

Terrier Judge’s Name: Ms. Rita Walker

Total Entry: 26
Dog Reg: GCHG Ko Bos Prometeus [Dog]
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Handler: Kathy Caton Musto
Owner: K & D Musto
Breeder: Viktor Koszoru
Dog Reg: GCH Riverside Stay Connected [Bitch]
Breed: Border Terrier
Owner: J Ohrnberger, B Novak & A Andrews
Breeder: Amy Andrews, Cherlynn Jozwick & Beverly Novak
Dog Reg: GCH Brownstones Maiden Quest [Bitch]
Breed: Miniature Bull Terrier
Handler: Jason McIlwaine
Owner: C Dixon & C Brown-Stone
Breeder: Crissy Brown-Stone, Steve Stone & Rosalind Clamper
Dog Reg: GCH Elmdales Journey From Purston [Dog]
Breed: Wire Fox Terrier
Owner: N Hittepole, R Cross & B Balata

Toy Judge’s Name: Mr. Rodney Merry

Total Entry: 79
Dog Reg: GCH Karmas Promise Key-Per [Dog]
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Handler: Luke Ehricht
Owner: N Smith, J Huff, K Bevil & K Halbur
Breeder: Karrie Halbur
Dog Reg: GCH Double Ds Black Magic Marker At Topaz [Dog]
Breed: Pug
Owner: J Saba & P Salomone
Breeder: Pamela Salomone & Nanette Wright
Dog Reg: GCH Hallmark Jolei Super Powers [Dog]
Breed: Shih Tzu
Handler: Luke Ehricht
Owner: L & D Ehricht
Breeder: Luke & Diane Ehricht
Dog Reg: GCH Tegs Lets Have A Party [Dog]
Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)
Owner: J Dunlap-Snyder & S Farkas
Breeder: Gerry & Tammy Desjardins

Non-Sporting Judge’s Name: Mr. Rodney Merry

Total Entry: 95
Dog Reg: GCH Haloridges Cruisin The Open Sea [Dog]
Breed: French Bulldog
Handler: Jodi Longmire
Owner: P Shaw, J Dalton & S St.John
Breeder: Nancy Newcomb D.V.M, Robert Newcomb & Nichole Hoke
Dog Reg: GCH Targa The Conqueror [Dog]
Breed: Standard Poodle
Handler: Joseph Vergnetti
Owner: E Charles
Breeder: Patricia Jason, Danielle Jason Sugai & Nicole Jason Sugai
Dog Reg: GCH Davane Happy Me [Dog]
Breed: Boston Terrier
Owner: S Fithian & T Davis
Breeder: Joyce Davis & Thomas Davis
Dog Reg: Dakota Ceol Mor Remy On The Rocks [Dog]
Breed: Dalmatian
Owner: K Benoit & S Taylor-Wills

Herding Judge’s Name: Ms. Peri Norman

Total Entry: 94
Dog Reg: GCH Avalons Aristocrat [Dog]
Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Handler: Tim Zeitz
Owner: J & J Maxie
Breeder: Julia & James Maxie
Dog Reg: GCH Sarron International Success [Dog]
Breed: Belgian Sheepdog
Owner: S Swabb
Breeder: Sherri Swabb
Dog Reg: GCH Deja Vu Popsakadoo If It Quacks Like A Duck [Bitch]
Breed: Briard
Handler: Dominique Dube
Owner: T Welch
Breeder: Terry Miller & Dominique Dube
Dog Reg: GCH Coyote Run Valedictorian CDX PCD BN GN RE TD TDU CA [Dog]
Breed: Belgian Tervuren
Owner: D Brzezinski & D Eldredge
Breeder: Kate Eldredge & Deb Eldredge DVM

Misc Judge: Mrs. Inge Semenschin
Misc Dog Reg: Xolani Ak Ilaman
Misc Breed: Azawakh

Jr Judge: Mrs. Inge Semenschin
Jr Handler: Madeline Buehler
Jr Breed: Pug

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