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Table Talk · September 30, 2020

What a busy week! With two, large 5-day clusters–one in Tampa, Florida and one in Enumclaw, Washington–and several 2- and 3-day clusters including Belton, Texas, Fargo, North Dakota, and Reno, Nevada along with specialties in Belleville, Michigan, the fancy was buzzing with energy and it felt GREAT! Kudos to Chris Levy, Stacey Davis and all involved in making the first show in the Pacific Northwest since the new year happen! While it was a wet and cold cluster for four of the five days in Enumclaw, fanciers were still glad to be attending a dog show there. Social distancing was a bit of a challenge at times due to the torrential rain, but everyone did their best to comply, and I heard everyone wore their masks. Overall, everyone deemed the first shows in that region a huge success. Congratulations to all!!!!

John Wade deserves a nice pat on the back for his perseverance in relocating the Sacramento Dog Fanciers Association shows from Northern, California to Reno, Nevada! I have heard glowing reports from exhibitors, judges and volunteers about a job well done in keeping everyone safe. Thank you, John, for your hard work and dedication.

There was a bit of excitement in Tampa, Florida when announcements were made for everyone to keep an eye on their toy dogs in exercise pens as birds of prey were sighted flying over the show and eyeing dogs in ex-pens! Fortunately, the announcements worked, and everyone was able to protect their dogs from the pesky predators!

The Fiesta Dogs Shows scheduled for November 19-November 25th at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona will open RV and reserved grooming at noon on Friday, October 2nd. Those interested should go to the website at

Several handlers had to pull over while driving home to do entries this past Sunday night as shows had an opening date of Sunday evening at 9 PM. I cannot understand how opening a show at 9 PM on a Sunday night when exhibitors are traveling home from dog shows makes sense. I would love to hear from you if you can help me understand this so I can share some insight with our readers.

As more and more shows are occurring weekly, the American Kennel Club is slowly bringing back the Executive Field Reps. Larry Cornelius, Mark Desrosiers (Mark has been fortunate to not have been furloughed) Mary Dukes, Sandy D’Andrea, Lynn Meyer, Mike Szabo, Patty Proctor (Patty also escaped the temporary chopping block), and Diana Wilson are all back at work. Everyone in the sport is happy to see you back and looks forward to the return of the remaining reps.


With 6 months of no shows in the Northeast, and the probability of many not returning until February or March of 2021, Jimmy Mitchell decided to, in his own words, “turn off the TV and return to shows and get back to judging”. After 19 years as an Executive Field Rep, Jimmy made the decision to retire. Thankfully, the AKC re-instated his judging license the day after he notified them of his retirement. Welcome back to center ring, Jimmy, we are thrilled to have you back!

Mentorship played a huge part in our shows from coast to coast this past weekend! In Enumclaw, Washington, Christian Rutten was awarded his first career Best In Show with his mentor, Tiffany Skinner, standing beside him going Reserve Best In Show. The best part was seeing Tiffany feeling as happy as if she went Best In Show herself. She was beaming, and crying tears of joy! Christian worked for Tiffany and Shea for 10 years as an assistant prior to beginning his own handling career. Huge congratulations to Christian (and Tiffany and Shea)! Please check out the Table Talk Live! segment with Tiffany, Shea, and Christian on our Facebook page and on the Canine Chronicle website – and Canine Chronicle TV at

Meanwhile, Marina Rose, assistant to Lois DeMers, flew solo this past weekend in Belton, Texas with part of Lois’ string while Lois was at the Tampa cluster. Marina was awarded her first Best In Show with Olivia the Lhasa Apso which was very special to both of them since Lhasas are Lois’s original breed! Marina has worked for Lois for 4 ½ years. Huge congratulations to Marina (and Lois) on this monumental accomplishment!

I am thrilled for our sport! As the show secretary for the Crawford County shows–which will be held the second weekend of October at the Lima Kennel Club showgrounds in Lima, Ohio–I have corresponded with many fanciers. The majority of correspondence has been with brand new exhibitors! Now those of us who have been around the sport for a minute or two need to do our part and make these new exhibitors feel welcome and lend them a helping hand, or at least a welcoming smile. Welcome to all who are giving our sport a try for the first time!

Celebrating anniversaries this week are: Ashley and Brendan Ryan, Becca and Chad Pentecost, Mickey Fiegelson and Chuck Leachman, and Mary Norton and Jim Augustus. Happy Anniversary, my friends!! May you all enjoy many more years of love, health and happiness!

Fanciers celebrating birthdays this week are: Phil Boyce, Roberta Lombardi, Tina Turley-Kocab, Traci Clark, Lenny Brown, Ryan Wolfe, Sarah Krickeberg, Robin Novack, Loran Morgan, Corey Benedict, Rodney Merry and Cindy Stansell. I wish many more happy, healthy years ahead for each and every one of you!

My thought for this week is this: Tip your server. Return your shopping cart. Pick up a piece of trash. Hold the door the person behind you. Let someone in your lane. Small acts can have a ripple effect. That’s how we change the world!

Be safe in your travels, my friends. I look forward to seeing you soon! Until next time…

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