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Table Talk · November 27, 2019

I am sure that you have all heard the saying, “if you see it on the internet, it must be true…”. Of course, we know that is a sarcastic statement! Social media has changed the landscape of the sport of purebred dogs–mostly for the good, but with those positive aspects come negative aspects as well. Fortunately, we can help control these issues by modifying our behavior or, minimally, fact checking something before we repeat it or share a post. To that end, I am pleased to report that the Brooksville, Florida showgrounds have NOT been sold, and the January shows will go on as planned from January 9-19, 2020! There were several social media posts and messages going around with reports to the contrary, but, my friends, they are not true! The Florida Circuit will happen, as scheduled, at the Brooksville grounds. For more information, check out our website at

I have been a party to discussions with a few different judges recently who have indicated their frustration with the rude or disrespectful manner in which they have been treated by exhibitors at shows. In fact, in a couple of instances, the judges are contemplating not moving ahead with the quest for additional breeds because “it just is not any fun”. In fact, one person said, “exhibitors are mean”. It is my hope that in a lot of these situations, the exhibitor didn’t “mean to be disrespectful or “mean”, but it just seemed that way. (She says, while winking). Please keep this in mind when trying to have a discussion with a judge about his or her decisions in the ring. There is a right way and a wrong way to have a conversation with a judge about their decision on a given day, and I believe it is most important to be kind and respectful. In a perfect world, we would have a two-way street of kindness, respect and professionalism between the judge and exhibitor. Let’s keep it fun!

An AKC licensed judge recently made the following plea to exhibitors:


1. Don’t tell the judge you need the major (everyone wants to win)

2. Don’t consistently compliment your dog: i.e. “show your perfect ears”, “beautiful

stack”, “how pretty”, etc.

3. Don’t use a clicker or other training devices in the ring that could distract other


4. Don’t detract from your dog by saying things like “his chest will drop soon”, or “I

do wish he stopped better”….

5. Don’t feed your dog right before the mouth exam; and please do not throw bait

all over the ring!

6. What you SHOULD say is “thank you” for whatever ribbon you get.

There has been some concern among those planning to attend the Philadelphia Shows coming up on December 4-8 due to an announced large adoption event being held on the 7th & 8 th at an adjoining hall at the same venue. It has now been verified that there will not be dogs flown in from foreign countries and there is a requirement that dogs at the event have updated vaccinations.

Vince Indeglia posted a great idea recently where he suggested perhaps there could be an Exhibitor Education class at the shows. He proposed that it would be 20-ish minutes where experienced professionals, judges, and exhibitors could speak about dog show etiquette, ethics, dress code, etc. Several superintendents now do New Exhibitor briefings 30 minutes prior to judging, and this may be another option for exhibitor education.

I noticed that the AKC Club Development Department was represented at the Chandler, Arizona shows this past weekend. What a great resource for folks attending this event to bounce ideas around about how to improve their shows. There are many clubs that are struggling with lower entries, lack of volunteers, etc. The AKC Club Development Department was established to help clubs with suggestions, etc. in an effort to help them make their events better.

Several months ago, we heard that one of the venues in the Midwest that has been a ‘National Specialty favorite” was sold. Saw Mill Creek in Ohio was sold to the adjoining amusement park and is no longer available for specialties. Unfortunately, another Midwest venue is now for sale. Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois is laying off 140 of its 190 employees around the first of the year, as they restructure. Unfortunately, I know of two national specialties that are scheduled to be there in 2020: Whippets are supposed to be there in April, and the Great Dane Club of America relocated to Pheasant Run for 2020 after Saw Mill Creek was sold. I will keep everyone posted on any new developments as I hear about them.

Happy Anniversary to Nick and Chelsay Grubb! I wish many more years of happiness to you both.

Celebrating Birthdays this week are: Elizabeth Salewsky, Tami Luddeke, Jeff Lawrence, Heather Lindberg, Gregg Bohlke, Curtiss Smith, Jennifer Costantinidis, Cathi DiGiacomo, Colton O’Shea, Matt Hoagland, Gary Doerge, Desi Murphy, Dr. Linda Tintle, Diane Ehricht and Roger George.

My thought for this week is this: It only takes a few seconds to hurt someone. It sometimes takes years to repair the damage. Cherish the hearts that love you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Please be safe in your travels my friends, and enjoy the season, and the moment! Until next time…

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