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To Photoshop or Not – A Photographer’s Perspective

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158 – May 2017

by Kit Rodwell

So – do you want the image EXACTLY as I shot it?

#1 – Not straightened? Because the later it is in the day, the more tired I get and the pictures are not totally level. Okay, so maybe I can straighten it?

#2 – Not color-corrected? You have a white dog shot in the ring in a badly lit arena – do you want yourself and the judge to look like you spent enough time in the sun to turn a deep bronze color so that the white dog isn’t a white blob? Okay, so then I can do color correction.

#3 – That white “stuff” on your jacket that suspiciously looks like chalk, would you like it removed?

#4 – The lead that you threw on the ground at your dog’s feet, do you want it left there or removed? How about when I said “Please wind the lead up in your hand” and you chose to ignore me and three feet of it is dangling in front of the dog’s chest? Can I “clean” that up without offending your “No Pho- toshop” demands?

#5 – Last weekend I shot in a horse arena with gusting winds of 75 MPH. My camera and I were both sandblasted and no matter how often I tried to clean the lens, another ton of dirt at- tached itself. My pictures are VERY interesting with round spots, some small, others quite large, everywhere on the images. I have to use Photoshop to clean them up. It’s very time con- suming work, but I will be delighted to not have to do this and send the images out “Photoshop free” if you prefer.

#6 – We all agree, the subject of the image is the dog, but the people are part of the overall picture. So if I have a spectacular shot of your dog in image #1 but the judge looks like she is sucking on a rotten lemon, you do not want me to take her smil- ing face from image #2 (not as good of the dog) and change heads? Okay, you are the boss.

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158 – May 2017

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