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The Quest For Your Foundation Bitch

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200 – September, 2021

By William Given

I believe the vast majority of highly successful breeders would agree that the foundation of a breeding program is a good brood matron, and that the right bitch will be the single most important purchase that, over time, will dictate the success or failure of a breeding program. Why is this? The answer is simple. A bitch may only produce four to six litters, eight in a very busy lifetime. Compare this to the stud dog’s ability to sire two to four times that in a year. Her influence on her breed is softer and takes significantly longer to evaluate than that of the stud. It is also true that she will likely never achieve the fame and glory of a dog that can be used at stud while simultaneously carrying on with a brilliant show career.

The perfect foundation bitch

Out of all the nice bitches and puppies that will come and go throughout your life as an owner and breeder, your foundation bitch will be the one that gives you your winners, your best advertising, and keeps reproducing herself year after year. She is the one that will give your line its own particular look.

Genetics aside, most breeders would agree that, on a practical level, the bitch is responsible for 60 percent (some suggest 75%) of the resulting puppies’ conformation quality, overall soundness, temperament and showability. Whole dynasties can be and have been built around the progeny of a single bitch. That is why she is, quite literally, called a foundation bitch. She is the one who built your brand and will keep it alive through even the leanest years.

There is rarely a price high enough to buy this great brood bitch from the fortunate person who purchased her as an eight-week-old puppy from the breeder and has cared for and cherished her for all her years. The discovery of one or two beautiful young bitches that will establish your breeding program as a predictable and successful entity thus becomes your first practical priority.

It’s not that simple

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200 – September, 2021

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