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The Inner Game of Winning in the Dog Show World

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282 – September, 2020

By Sandy Weaver

Do you eavesdrop on other peoples’ conversations? Don’t worry – your secret’s safe, so answer honestly.

If you said yes, you’re in the vast majority – several studies have found that from 78 to 84 percent of people listen in on conversations being held in public spaces. It’s human nature to take in information – whether it’s meant for us or not.

So it’s no surprise that researchers have also studied the words people use and what it says about their mindset, social standing, job type, relationship status and level of success. Some of what they’ve found can help you master the inner game of competing and winning in the dog show world.

First, let’s talk about the language of losers. While researchers weren’t specifically talking to dog show competitors, the findings are significant and reflected here as if the conversation was about dog shows. The language of losers is distinguished by the amount of blame-placing researchers heard:

• My dog didn’t win because the judge put up her friend.

• The ring is too small for my dog to show off his great movement.

• Can you believe the lighting in here? How can the judge even see? No wonder he didn’t find my dog!

You get the point – it’s never the loser’s fault when their dog doesn’t win. When you listen to some people, it’s amazing they continue participating in the sport because they believe judges are crooked, clubs are cheap and conditions are never right for them to get their turn in the winner’s circle.

Contrast that to the language of winners, distinguished by a healthy sense of perspective:

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282 – September, 2020

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