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The Big E – Exhibitors = Influencers?

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188 – August, 2018


Exhibitors = Influencers? – YES!

Breeders have ultimate influence on their breeds. Exhibitors have that very same ability to influence dog shows. In subtle and more obvious ways, exhibitors may be the reason that a show is successful or why it is not. I think back to the times when I entered and showed my own dogs. What enticed me to go, pay the entry fee, groom my dog, dress for success, put gas in the car, drive a goodly distance, unload, set up, show my dog, get a win photo, load up, and drive home? Did I ever think that my opinion of a show mattered? Actually, I never considered any of that at all.

Now, all these years later, as an active exhibitor, show chair, and a judge, I recognize that exhibitors purposefully choose which dog shows to attend. ‘Is travel far from home possible?’ ‘Does the panel have familiar judges on it?’ ‘Will the air conditioning work this year?’ ‘Usually, the breed specialty draws a good entry.’ Based on very specific criteria and an increased number of options every week, there is almost always a match to be found. It is a wise show chair who recognizes that fact and works diligently planning a show meant to fulfill the wish list exhibitors, metaphorically, keep on their refrigerator. Yes, I have made many of those lists, too.

Today’s savvy exhibitors make good use of social media, the internet, past experience, and good old word of mouth to help them decide which show is the best fit. Whether there are usually majors or small entries at a show is often a prime consideration. Do you need a major or one or two single points? Is the judges’ panel strong from day to day or hit or miss? Are there well-priced hotels nearby if you need to stay over? The questions are endless. The answers make all the difference. The fact is, it is you, the exhibitor, who makes that choice.

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188 – August, 2018

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