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The Big E – Establish the Edge

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36 – August, 2020

By Elaine Lessig

As the hazy summer days fold into the promise of a cooler fall, I cannot be the only person wondering, “What happens next?” Although many amusement parks remain closed or have limited capacity, we continually get to ride the roller coaster in our daily lives. Are numbers for COVID-19 going up in my state? Will the dog show I entered be canceled once again? Can I go into the vet’s office to help with my newborn puppies? Are our lives ever going to be the same?On the cover of The New York Times, Week in Review recently was a startling illustration. It offers an answer to our daily cry, “What’s next?” Filling the page was the drawing of an imposing male fortune teller, orange turban wrapped tightly around his head, face covered by a matching facial mask. He sits touching a huge crystal ball on a table in front of him. With his long fingers poised on top of the crystal ball, eyes peering over his mask, frightening images pour forth from inside the ball. One after another, the images change with alarming frequency. The headline below the illustration reads, “No One Knows What’s Going to Happen.” The article which follows by Mark Lilla begins, “Stop asking pundits to predict the future after coronavirus. It doesn’t exist.”Yikes! Those words jump off the page. Comforting words they are not. We come to the realization that with scientists, economists, politicians, theorists, clergy, and all the rest of us looking for an answer, there is none. Like almost everything in life, change is inevitable. Our preference may be that things stay the same or, hopefully, improve. Your Teflon frying pan comes with a lifetime guarantee, too often useless, but human beings do not. We struggle to find answers, solutions, and remedies. On we rush into the maze of possibilities only to find ourselves lost, but willing to try, try again.

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