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IMHO – Couples Who Judge Together

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212 – October, 2018


I have often wondered if couples who judge together go back to the quiet of the hotel rooms, vehicles, or wait until they get home to compare and contrast their judging after they finish an assignment. Oh, to be a fly on the wall if they do. What better way to gain some insight into that than to ask some great judges who are devoted to their lives in dogs and equally devoted to their lives together? Here are some sincere and humorous replies to the ques- tions asked of them this month.

Randy Garren & Dennis McCoy, AKC JUDGES


What is the best part of judging together? What is the most difficult?

After all these many years together, Dennis is still my very best friend and I enjoy his company so it is a welcomed addition when he travels with me. When we began judging, we hesitated to discuss our entries until the weekend was over in fear of influencing each others opinions. As time went on, we felt more comfortable and now we will discuss the dogs and say something like, “It will be interesting to see what you do tomorrow”. Having said that, it does not mean a serious discussion might not ensue. Therefore, I do like the sharing of our opinions, but in the end, Dennis THINKS he is always right! The most difficult part of going together is waiting on Dennis to do stuff. Ahhhh, the story of our life together…

How do you handle assignments that are offered to one of you, but not the other?

Life is too short to be concerned if assignments are offered to one and not the other.


What is the best part of judging together? What is the most difficult?

The best part of judging together is to have Randy with me to share the traveling to and from the shows. Whether it’s good travel and bad travel, we have each other to discuss what we should do about a situation; and if driving is involved I enjoy having him along to drive… (not my favorite pastime).

We can share the expenses, which also helps the clubs. As we have traveled together for so many years as handlers, and now as judges, we do enjoy each other’s company and if there is any sightseeing to do, we pretty much enjoy the same things. After so many years together, we do know each other pretty well and it is easy to travel together and share so many things.

Read more of what couples Randy Garren & Dennis McCoy, and Houston & Toddie Clark had to say by clicking the link below:

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212 – October, 2018

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