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How Is the Fancy Doing Regarding Public Education?

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298 – October, 2020

By Robyn Michaels

I want to share this true story that happens every day. This is from “The Dog Merchants” Facebook Feed, as reported by CBS news, Chicago. This happens because people can’t find us. Unfortunately, when this happens, people think they’ve been scammed by…breeders (see below).

You’d think people would be more skeptical, and do more research, wouldn’t you?

I bet everyone reading this knows what a Doodle is – whether it be an Aussiedoodle, Bernadoodle, Sheep-adoodle, or…I am not joking…Newfadoodle. But do you know what a Lhasalear is? How about Pomsky? A Miki? A Teddy Bear? Does it matter?

I bet you can guess, but even if you can’t, the breeders of those dogs are outmarketing you. Many sellers even post that they are AKC registered.

I notice a lot of dog clubs now have a person in charge of ‘public education’. I know for most clubs it’s either to answer questions they may get (if the public can find their club) or to arrange a ‘Meet the Breeds’ at a conformation show.

I am a pet groomer. I am your best customer. I am not showing a dog right now, although I have shown dogs in the past. I have titled dogs in conformation, obedience, rally, and ASFA lure coursing. I have never bred a dog, but I support hobby breeders and the fancy. I appreciate well-bred dogs as companions and as works of art.

Why am I a purebred dog fancier? With purebred dogs, you get a certain degree of predictability. Predictability means alot, and when I buy from a hobby breeder, I know the breeder is concerned about the dogs she breeds.

I also don’t want some random person choosing the dog I should want to live with—and that is what the “Adopt—don’t shop” crowd is promoting. Since all dogs come from breeders, they seem to think the “I’m-not-a-breeder-my-dog-just-had-puppies” backyard breeders should be off the hook for responsibility. We—the fancy—are to blame for their lack of integrity and responsibility. They seem to believe that if people could not get a purebred dog from a breeder, people would be forced to choose a dog in a shelter.

In the 1960’s, when every dog groomer was a fancier, and had learned to groom dogs from other fanciers, was when I learned to groom dogs.

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298 – October, 2020

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