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Discussing The Latest Revision to AKC Judging Guidelines

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116 – September, 2021

By Amy Fernandez

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Canine Chronicle airlines it is my pleasure to welcome you aboard flight 007 with direct service to Fantasy Island.

It’s no secret that writing tends to be tedious business. One of the perks is getting to choose your topic. And I am flying this plane. So let’s talk about Louis Krokover.

Louis who?

Before you head for the emergency exit let me assure you that Louis has street cred–more specifically three generations of it. His grandparents got the ball rolling in purebred dogs and both his mother and father spent their lives breeding and showing very competitively. By his count, the family’s involvement over the years has rambled through every group and 84 different breeds. Personally, Louis’s dogs have earned over 100 BIS.

“My father grew up showing dogs and horses. His foundation breeds were Beagles, Bassets and Pembrokes. I grew up thinking of these dogs as my siblings.” Louis’s mother bred and exhibited all three sizes of Poodles including a Westminster group winner. “Growing up, I basically walked into six breeds and my parents were nice enough to let me choose my own breed. Since I love the Sporting breeds, I chose English Springer Spaniels and English and American Cockers.” Why splash around in the kiddie pool when you can swim with the sharks? “When I was a kid, I called Julia Gasow grandma. You cannot name a top ten dog handler or rider in competitive horses that didn’t work for my parents at some point.” Okay, we get the idea. What’s on your mind Louis?

“My father was a purist. His attitude was that we did not write the standard, we had no say in creating that document. But when we choose to become involved with a particular breed we make a commitment to it. And we do our best to move forward with it, so we will do whatever we can to meet the requirements of that standard.” Here is the key point of that philosophy. “If we don’t agree anymore then you move on to another breed. That’s why my family didn’t just stick with one breed.” In other words, don’t try to make the standard fit your dogs or play politics to make up the difference, you just move on. So yeah, all things considered Louis has some relevant opinions. He was born and raised to take purebred dogs very seriously.

Okay, enough of the chit-chat.

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116 – September, 2021

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