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Breed Priorities – Basset Hound

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164 – March, 2020

By Nikki Riggsbee

Bred to hunt hare, the Basset Hound is heavier boned than any other breed of dog considering its size. Its large nose (second only to the Bloodhound in scenting ability), loose skin, and long ears contribute to its skill and success at trailing. The breed originated in France that has several breeds with “basset” as part of their names, from the French “bas” which means low to the ground.

We found 58 Basset Hound breeder-judges with email addresses to invite to take the survey on their breed’s priorities, although not all of the emails were good. Forty responded and agreed to participate. Twenty-one completed surveys were returned in time for the deadline.

The breeder-judges average nearly 32 years in the breed (several over 40 years) and almost 16 years (several more than 30 years) judging them. All have judged Basset Hound specialties, and almost half have judged their national.

Basset Hound Virtues

The survey asked the breeder-judges to prioritize a list of virtues taken directly from their standard. Below is the list in sequence from most important to least, based on the average ranks provided by the breeder-judges.

1. Shoulders well laid back
2. Move in a smooth, powerful, effortless manner
3. Topline straight, level
4. Rib structure long, smooth, extends well back
5. Prominent prosternum
6. Neck powerful, of good length, well arched
7. Well-let-down stifle, no tendency toward crouching
8. Heavier in bone, size considered
9. Paws massive, very heavy, well rounded, both inclined equally a trifle outward
10. Forelegs short, powerful, heavy bone, with wrinkled skin
11. Tail set in continuation of the spine, carried gaily
12. Skull well domed, pronounced occipital protuberance
13. Ears extremely long, low set, hanging in folds
14. Eyes soft, sad, slightly sunken
15. Length from nose to stop approximately the length from stop to occiput
16. Dewlap very pronounced

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164 – March, 2020

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